Temper tantrums & keeping toddlers in bed

  • I have twin boys who recently just turned 2.  They are having temper tantrums and the one little guy will hit his head against whatever is near him.  When they are throwing their tantrums, I usually just ignore them and they end up stopping, but when my one little guy hits his head, not sure what to do.  I was wondering if anyone one else has had their children do this? If so, what did you do or how did you handle it?  I just try to distract him when he is hitting his head, since I don't want to see him get hurt.  Not sure what the best thing to do at that point. 

    The other issue is they are climbing out of their cribs and not sure how to keep them in for nap time???  Going to convert to toddler beds this weekend.  I have been going back in the room and putting them back in the crib, telling them it is nap time and need to stay in the crib, but of course as soon as I am out of the room climbing right back out.  They aren't getting a nap and that makes for an ugly evening, since they need at last a 2 hr nap.  They had been staying in their cribs at night, but the last couple of nights have been climbing out.  Wondering what others have done to keep them in the crib/bed??? 

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions.



  • Yes, definitely move them out of their cribs. You certainly don't want to have to deal with injuries. I'd also suggest talking with your pediatrician about the head banging.

    If they are disrupting each other's sleep, you might consider having them nap in separate rooms or just sit where you can see them until they are down. For some reason, mine would keep each other up at naptime but not at night. A lot of times I would just sit in their room reading a book until they were asleep. I would also stick to a consistent routine every day - be patient and persistent.

  • I agree that now is the time to make the transition to a toddler bed. If they are climbing out of their cribs, then they can get really hurt. Take this time to baby proof their rooms if you haven't already done so and talk to your pediatrician about how to help them get used to life in a "big boy bed". Naptimes are a difficult thing, but I used to tell my kids that while they didn't have to take a "nap:, they did have to have "quiet time" in their rooms. Then I made sure to put them in their rooms with a few books and some classical music on. I would encourage them to read quietly and usually within 10 minutes they were sleeping. Good luck....this is a difficult time!

  • I am very interested to see the answers people post for this because I am really not looking forward to my little guy moving to a toddler bed eventually. He is on the go all the time and have a feeling it will be hard to get him to nap. Keep the advice coming!
  • my son does the same thing with tantrums with hitting his head on anything he sees usually i just walk away and he realizes im not paying attention 2 him he stops and goes back 2 playing. i asked about the hitting his head thing and the doctor said boys usualy do it 2 get attention.

  • My great nephew did this for a while.  We all just would get on the floor and hit our heads.  (lightly of course).  He soon seemed to realize how ridiculous it looked and stopped.  I don't know if it was the best way to do it, but it worked for us.

  • How are your boys doing now? How was the transition to the toddler bed?

  • I just had twin boys on Oct 22nd 2010.  I have a two year old daughter who did the same thing with the crib.  We bought her a twin mattress and put it on the floor.  So she can safely climb in and out.  We child proofed her room.  Ex:  put locks on bifold doors, and made sure there was nothing she could get into that could harm her.  We also put a peep hole in the door so I can watch and make sure she is okay in there without opening the door and waking her.  A two year old without a nap is not fun.  I will look forward to finding out how my boys do when they get older  : )  Good Luck.

  • My son will be 3 in less than 2 months. He also has tantrums. He doesn't hit his head but he throws himself on the floor and screams. He also says (or should I say yells) NO constantly. He gives me "raspberries" when I am talking to him and he doesn't follow commands. I'm at a loss. HELP!