Games for a busy baby?

  • I have a 14 month old boy who does not like to sit still for books or tv, gets bored with his toys easily, and eats any crayons or markers that I give him. Does anyone have some fun activities or things to do with my busy little guy?? :-)

  • I am not sure if your child is old enough or not for this game, but i play cariboo treasure island with my girls and they love it. Its educational and fun. Another thing my girls loved were blocks, the ones that are shapes and you place them in the whole where they belong and the foam ones. Anything hands on kept them busy.

  • I keep meaning to go pick up some big blocks from my mother's house that she has - thanks for the suggestions and the reminder. Smile I've never heard of Cariboo but I will Google it and read up on it!

  • My boys loved to play ball for hours. Just rolling it back and forth with them would entertain them for a long time. My grandmother also had a special cabinet in her kitchen with mixing bowls, wooden spoons etc. just for them. They would be thoroughly entertained playing in the kitchen floor with all their special kitchen gear.

  • I got an old pot or two and a few wooden spoons. Then I would let him play in the pots and tupperware and fill them with blocks, pegs, and other interesting toys. While it was a bit loud and messy at times, he loved putting things in the pots and pretending to stir the "food". There are plenty of books on fun and easy "games" to play with your children. They are "rainy day" books. At 14 months it can get a bit tricky, but even a few Thomas trains are fun to roll on the floor.

  • Thanks guys! Sometimes I think I'm over thinking it all and it's good to just go back to the basics for play time! I appreciate all the ideas. Smile