Christmas Memories

  • With Christmas fast approaching, I'm curious what memories and traditions people have from their childhood that they enjoyed. My little guy is still a little young to appreciate Christmas fully this year, but I am looking forward to creating traditions next year especially! What are your favorites? :-)

  • One of our favorite traditions has been that my father read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to us before bed. I am lucky that he is still around at age 72, and he has recreated the tradition for my kids. We have recently purchased a recordable book of this from the Hallmark store, and my father recorded his reading of it, which I hope to keep in the family for generations. Great question!

  • Something my boys love now that they're a little older is our Christmas morning breakfast tradition. Every Christmas morning after they check out their presents we make French toast out of panettone. They also love putting out the cookies and milk for Santa along with a carrot for the reindeer on Christmas Eve. We also have to have lights to decorate the house outside. When I was little, my Dad's friend told me that Santa couldn't find the house if we had no lights so I just have a thing about that!

  • I love all those traditions! Those are great ideas and I'll probably incorporate some into Christmas for our little guy next year. AnswerDad01 - such a sweet idea to have your dad's voice recorded. LaraRN - the no lights thing makes me smile. :-)