my 22 month old stopped talking

  • My first son will be 2 yrs in February. He use to have a big vocabulary but he didn't start walking until he was 19 months old. We thought maybe he was just stronger in that area. Well once he started walking, he stopped talking. Also, I had a newborn baby boy in June,so some people think he stopped talking to be like him. But, I've tried so hard to help him talk again. I even tried not giving in, but the doctor calls him a very strong willed kid. He doesn't stop throwing fits or crying for hours. Trust me when i tell you this, it's not the attention like some people say because he gets more babied than the youngest. He is my first, but my husband has an 8 yr old daughter and mom mom shows major favoritism towards him unfortunately. Last night he wasn't putting his arms through his sleeves to his pjs and i started counting ONE! and all of a sudden he said TWO! real was great but after that i couldn't get him to say it any more. I don't know what to do to help him, I talk everything that we do  and encourage him as much as I can. He doesn't have anything physically wrong with him. He is a very smart little boy. He understands what he wants and what we say, he just won't talk. He says "DADA" everytime he figures out that were going to see him at each of his jobs, he shakes his head no when I say its nap or bed time. He points to balloon and pictures when I ask like where the elephant dog or cat is. And everytime he hears Elmo's name he perks up and smiles and gives him kisses on the tv or radio or his stuffed elmo's. It gets very frustrating for all of us because we can't seem to understand him. If anyone has any suggestions...PLEASE HELP!

  • If your pediatrician has checked to make sure nothing is physically wrong then I'd suggest calling your local Early Childhood Intervention program. Either your doctor or your local school district should be able to give you their contact information. One of my kids went through speech therapy with our local program and it was one of the best things I did.

  • I second LaraRN's opinion. I'd also tell you that if you feel like something is going on and you are not satisfied with your pediatrician's assessment of your child, go ahead and get a second opinion. You are his mother and know his needs better than anyone. Don't be afraid to search around until you get an answer you are good with!

  • I agree...make sure there isn't something physically wrong and then you can tackle any "behavioral" issues. If you do believe he is trying to be more like the baby, then try to mention how much you love that he is a big boy and NOT a baby. When the baby is crying, take that time to tell your son how glad you are that he is not a baby and crying much better it is that he is a big kid and can talk to you. 

  • Thank you all for your help. The doctor did give me a number to have him in speech therapy. And i have nothing against that becuase I used speech therapy too, but I always blamed that on my premature birth. She also told us we should get hellp when he wasn't walking until 19 months or so, but we knew he was capable of it he just seems lazy. And we waited and he started walking. We notice he likes to do a lot of what our dog does, lol..but we put m&ms in front of him after we stood him up and he started walking and been ever since. I have nothing against speech therapy I was just hoping mayb there was a way that I could help him myself. The funny thing is, is that our youngest boy doesnt actually cry unless he is hungry, may sound like im lying but its the god honest truth. He is very different from my 22 month old. I try to encourage him as much as i can. He puts his shoes away and brings them to me when I tell him were going bye bye. He knows when its time to brush his teeth and go to bed and he goes to his chair at the table and waits for someone to pick him up for dinner. Like I said he had a GREAT vocabulary and im 100% certain that nothing is physiaclly wrong with him, I just don't know what more to do to encourage him. I've been trying with potty training too and he sits on the potty when he brushes his teeth or when he is waitin for his brother to get out of the bath or just to keep me company lol. I just can't seem to get him to "GO potty" "ON the potty" lol. I love reading evreyones advice please keep it coming! thank you!

  • How is your little boy doing? Did you decide to do speech therapy or no? Any improvements?

  • I want to echo what the others have posted about getting an eval by a birth to three program.  I think that they could really offer you a lot of help and support.  If they do not find anything wrong then perhaps they have some suggestions for behavioral problems. I'm sure that they, if anyone, have seen this before!


  • How have you been doing? Is your little boy any better? I agree that it never hurts to have him evaluated may be a strong willed thing...or it could be something else going on. Let us know how you are doing!

  • I'm curious how your little one is doing. It's been several weeks and we would LOVE an update from you!! -Jess
  • It is very very important to get intervention at this point. My son walked early, talked early, and rolled over uphill at three months...BUT at two he just stopped talking and would sit in the middle of the floor and scream when he wanted something. Now he is 8, and has been diagnosed with Asperger's disorder and ADHD. They say this is why he stopped talking....

    It would be great to hear how you have tackled this...and to hear how your little one is doing. Looking forward to seeing an update!

  • Mommygirl1234-Sounds like you have been through a lot with your son. What have you found has worked for him with regards to helpful therapy? I have family friends whose son just received a very similar diagnosis. I'd be interested to hear how you all managed and what you found worked for your family to help your son.

  • steelmanmom-I wanted to check in with you and see how things are going with your little one and his speech. How are things going? -Jess