Laughing while disciplining

  • When we try to discipline our 3-year old, we sometimes fail because she has the ability to make us laugh with a funny expression. We know she does this and it is her safety valve, the problem is we have lost valuable teaching moments because we can't keep a straight face. Any advice?

  • It's hard...I know. My son does the same thing. The way I try to combat it is by saying..."Now take that smile off your face". This helps me regain my composure so I can refocus on the task at hand. If it is just too hard, you can always put her in time out and then come back to explain why she is in trouble. Keep trying...even though it can be a funny matter!

  • I laugh all the time while I am trying to correct my little boy. I usually just turn around for a second and regain my composure or else put him in time out so I can pull myself together and he can think for a bit about what he did. Stick out tongue