she laughs when disiplined

  • I have a two year old daughter and 2 1/2 month old twin boys.  My daughter is usually very well behaved but when she is having a bad day and getting into trouble she laughs at me when I scold her.  I have tried time outs (which I don't like)  and it doesn't seem to work.  The first time I tell her no I am calm and explain to her why.  The second time gets a little more stern.  The more stern I get the more she laughs.  I have to hold in my laugh because she sounds so cute yet bad at the same time!  Help!!!

  • I also have a two year old and when we brought the baby home (he's now 4 months) our perfectly behaved daughter started testing her limits to see how much she could get away with.  She stopped listening to what I asked her to do and she began laughing when I scolded her too.  A friend of mine recommended the book "Love and Logic: early childhood years".  Although I didn't agree with all the tactics in there, I have put some in place and it is the difference between night and day.  When she is having a temper tantrum for no apparent reason, I send her to her room and tell her when she's done she can come back out.  I didn't believe it at first, but it actually works.  She only stays in her room for about 2 minutes, then comes out and is in a better mood.  No more tears and she's back to her old self again.  It's worth a try!

  • I'm wondering if it's maybe a sort of nervous response. Maybe she's acting out a little bit for attention, considering the new babies in the house. I wonder if getting a little one-on-one time from you or dad or another friend or relative on days she seems to be struggling could ease the behavior.

  • That's a tough one. My little boy laughs sometimes too and goes right back to what he is doing. Is your daughter returning to her bad behavior or just laughing? If she is not continuing her behavior, I wonder if LaraRN is correct - a nervous response. If she laughs and returns to her behavior, she is not taking you seriously when you ask her to stop. I finally had to put my little guy in time out, even though I don't really like it either, because he takes me seriously when he realizes that ignoring me has a consequence. I'd rather do a time out now than to have him not listen to me and go into the street or something. Hope you can figure it out - they are pretty darn cute when they laugh - its hard to hold it together!

  • I also was thinking it was a nervous or embarrased response.  She will keep doing the bad bahavior.  Such as, if I ask her not to touch something she will get her fingers as close as she can to it and think it is a game and giggle.  She sits better for my for my husband in time out.  Thanks all for your advice.