Transition from Crib

  • My wife and I are trying to begin to transition our toddler to a big-girl bed. What steps did you take to help this transition run smoothly?

  • I used those little toddler beds that you move the crib mattress onto. Since they were so small I think my boys felt more comfortable sleeping in them. We also had a really structured betime routine, following exactly the same sequence every night - bath, jammies & toothbrushing, dim lights, the same bedtime story and lullabye.

  • Thanks for the advice... we are trying to adhere to the strict routine, although it's harder now that we have three!

  • well when my husband and I decided to get our 2 year old her own big girl bed, we got it for her birthday, i recommend possibly getting it in something she likes. we got our daughters bed in tinkerbell her favorite and told her that it was her bed, that since she was a big girl now, she got to sleep in her big girl bed all by her self, which it worked wonderfully. i still have times now when she wants to go to sleep with us but we just tell her something funny, depending on what holiday is coming up(i know we are awful) we tell her that santa is watching her so he can see if she is being a good girl so he can bring her more presents, or something like that. I know that is considered bribing but hey whatever works, works, and if you can't get your child to sleep in a bed by his/herself then you have to do what you have to do. well i hope this helps you out some..

  • This is great advice... we were out looking tonight at princess beds. We like one with a canopy and a slide, although the prices made us gag a little!

  • There are beds with slides?? Ha! I'd be afraid my 3 year old would play all night instead of sleep! LOL! When we made the transition to a toddler bed, you just have to expect a few rough weeks....especially at nap time! Just be consistent and try not to waver...if you don't want your toddler roaming the house, then you may have to put a baby gate up to keep them safe. At least until they understand all of the rules!

  • our daughter has the tinkerbell one with a canopy she loves it!!!! i have never seen one with a slide?? that sounds fun and a bit big haha. i hope it works! good luck