Preparing 20 month old for new baby

  • I've been thinking on this for a while but figured I would get your opinions.  I am pregnant with my second son, due on Feb. 9th (though I would bet money he'll be before that) and I have a 20 month old that I stay home with.  Do y'all have any tips on what I can be doing to prepare him for the imminent attention usurper?  We moved 11 hours from our home in November, no family and only 2 friends here, so my son is understandably getting used to things.  Back home he would play by himself but now he doesn't want to be alone.  Think it's just a matter of poor timing with the move?  Any advice or tips with what worked for you would be most welcome!  Thank you in advance.  :-)

  • Congrats!! I think the move is probably affecting your little boy and causing the behavioral changes in him. Hopefully those will smooth out a bit before his baby brother comes. Even though he is a boy, I would try getting a baby doll and pretending to do some diaper changing and feeding and swaddling with him. Modeling it beforehand can help him know what to expect. Also, making him a big part of baby care can help him. Let him know how much you love that he is a big boy and can help mommy with taking care of his brother. Some things he can help with include fetching diapers, bringing clothes, singing songs, sharing books with the baby, and more. Of course, extra hugs and kisses and love from you before and after the baby comes will let him know how much you STILL love him. Good luck with it all - let us know what works for you!

  • My son was 20 months when my daughter was born. I can tell you that the best thing I did for him was to make a special effort to put the baby down and spend time with him each day. Even when I was nursing, I let my son climb up next to me so we could watch TV together. In addition, I made a big deal about him being the "big kid" and how much I loved that he was a big boy and not a baby. Then I let him help me with the baby whenever possible..he put lotion on his feet, brought me his bottle etc... It may not be as bad as you think. It won't be long before your son won't be able to remember life without his sibling!! Good luck and Congratulations!