Potty Training My 2 Year Old Daughter

  • I have a 2 year old and we are working on potty training. At first she was all excited about it, but now she has lost interest in it. If she notices me going sometimes she will come in and want to go, and before we take a bath she knows she goes before we get in the tub, but other then that for me she wont go. But for my sister in law or my dad and step mom she will go just fine. Can someone please help!?? i am expecting baby #2 and defiantly  cant afford diapers for 2! i just dont know what 2 do!!!!

  • We have been trying like crazy to help our now 3 year old to potty train. She was a very early talker and we thought she was ready, and she has been going on and off for more than 6 months. She now has 2 younger sisters and we are very frustrated. Like you, she goes just fine for her grandparents. Good luck and I hope it happens sooner for you than for us! Good luck!

  • For starters, congratulations on your new pregnancy! Having two in diapers is tough, but it isn't the end of the world. With that in mind, take a step back and be sure that your daughter is actually ready to potty train. There are both physical signs of readiness and emotional signs of readiness. While some children are physically ready to potty train, they lack the emotional component that makes potty training easier. If your daughter is truly not ready to go "diaper free", then encourage her to potty but don't put too much pressure on her. This pressure often leads to a miserable few months and can backfire and lead to more potty training troubles. 

    If you believe that she is truly ready to potty train, then try buying her a few books about potty training, let her watch a few potty training videos and then have her help you "potty train" her baby doll. Since she is the "teacher" she must show her baby doll how to stay dry and how to go on the potty. Sometimes simple incentives (such as sticker charts or fruit snacks) can entice a reluctant child. Whatever you do...BE CONSISTENT. If you want her in underwear from 8 am to 8pm, then be consistent. Don't put diapers on her some days and underwear on her on other days. Consistency is KEY! Good luck...potty training is never easy, but always worth it!

  • How is it going for you? Any progress or are you just holding off potty training for now?

  • I definitely agree with MommyRN4. If you try to push her too far too soon it really could backfire on you. I think that if they aren't ready yet then all you are doing is creating stress. I also think potty training is easier when it's warmer weather and you can let them wear just undies for a while. How long do you have before your new baby is due to arrive? Are you using cloth underwear or disposables?