curious toddler

  • Does anyone have advice on how to get a squirmy, curious 15-month old to focus on nursing?  We've always nursed whenever and wherever she wants.  Now when we're out she gets so curious about her surroundings that she pops on and off:  nurse two minutes, sit up and look around, nurse two minutes, look around.

    Of course she gets VERY interested in nursing once I've hooked my bra up.  By then, I'm a bit annoyed with her off and on game.

    I know that some people use a nursing necklace.  I just don't know that it will work with her 'cause I'd be introducing it so late.  Has anyone used a nursing necklace?

  • My wife didn't nurse any of our three kids for that long, but if someone has a method to keep squirmy 15-month olds from being distracted, I'd love to know it!

  • I guess I would wonder if this distractability is just part of her early stages of beginning the weaning process. I don't think I would personally have a problem setting some limits if it's not realistic for her to be snacking all day. Maybe play into that distractibility and try to engage her in a fun activity once she's off and try to keep her occupied for longer periods of time in between?

  • Some of my friends have used nursing necklaces and swear by them, but they mainly helped when their kids were a bit younger. Whatever you use has to hold her interest long enough..if she becomes bored with the necklace, then it won't work.  When my son started doing this, I tried to combat it by only nursing in a boring room--free from distraction. While this helped a bit, it did not change the fact that my son was trying to wean from nursing. Ultimately a few months later he weaned off of nursing all together and on to sippy cups. Others maintain that this is simply a phase that you must go through with them. Whatever you choose to do, let us know how it works. I know there are many moms out there with similar problems who would love to know if the nursing necklace works for you. 

  • My little guy was super curious and busy and weaned himself from nursing at about 12 months old. He just would not stay on and my milk started to dry up. If you want to keep your milk supply up, I'd suggest some pumping in addition to feeding. I've not heard of a nursing necklace - what exactly is it? I'd be curious to know!

  • @MommyRN4  Thanks for the response. 

    I'm not worried about low milk supply or self-weaning.  I have no reason to think that either of those are in our near future.  She nurses 4 times a day Mon-Fri (I work full time) and plus about two times at night.  Then she nurses slightly more than that when we're together on the weekends.  When we're some place quiet, she will nurse for about 4-7 minutes straight and be done.  On busy days or evenings, it can take twice as long because she wants to look around.  I just get impatient and annoyed some times.

    When she was about 7 months old, I started letting her squeeze my nose.  I'd respond by making silly honking sound.  She liked that, but she's outgrown it now.

    I'll let you kow if I figure something out.

  • I've read that babies start getting very distractable around 7 months.  It's the normal progression of things, not self-weaning.

  • @LaraRN

    She isn't snacking all day.  She has about 4 full nursing sessions through the week--daycare drop off, daycare pick up,  when we get home late in the evening.  She has more than that on the weekends.

    When we're out running errands, they're full nursing sessions too, but they can take SOOO long.

  • Did things ever improve for you? I'd love to know if you found any new tips or techniques!

  • Thanks for asking.

    Things have gotten better.  DD is much more focused and less squirmy when we're out.  Also, I only give her two times of popping off then I don't offer her any more at that nursing session.  Of course, she still does better at being focused when we're at home in familiar (boring) settings.

    Also, I've been nursing her in a carrier more.  That way, even is she is on and off, I can still keep doing whatever I have to do.

  • Ah, nice! Good ideas for everyone nursing nursing toddlers!

  • I'm glad to hear that things are going better for you two. Keep up the good work and keep us posted! -jess