Toddler Bed Issues

  • My daughter, who is 21 months, has been in a toddler bed for about a month now.  At first she loved it and putting her to bed was extremely easy.  This past week has been different.  All the sudden she wanted me to say in the room with her until she fell asleep and also wanted me to leave the door open.  (We usually close the door until my husband and I went to sleep so we didn't wake her.)  She has also woke a couple of times in the middle of the night and came into our room to get me.  I would then comfort her and take her back to bed and she'd be fine.  Last night was the worst.  She sleep for 4 hours and then woke and came into me about 4 or 5  times over the next 5 hours.  Same thing... she would come into me on my side of the bed, I would pick her up and hold her for a minute, and then carry her back to bed.

    I know some people may think that I put her in a toddler bed too soon, but she seemed so ready and I don't think going back to a crib now would work.  Please help me experienced Strong Moms.

  • This is always a tough one. Conventional wisdom says that you shouldn't let your kids sleep with you, but that wisdom was not hatched by people who are up all night as their toddler comes bouncing in four times! We have 3 girls, and our oldest is 3 1/2. She started in a toddler bed later than your little girl, but we felt she was ready. We do stay with her until she falls asleep, and many nights she sleeps through the night in her own bed. But once or twice a week, she will have a bad dream and come into our bed, where my wife and I will accept her into our bed. We could try to bring her back over and over, but we feel this would not be successful and that it could wake the other girls. Tough decisions... good luck!


  • I don't have a lot of experience in this area but I am really curious to see what other people post. My little boy is BUSY BUSY and I am kind of dreading the day he is in a bed he isn't contained in. Hope someone can offer some good advice!

  • You are handling this situation exactly as I would suggest! Great job. Be persistent!! -Jessica
  • Sounds like you are doing a good job! Hang in there. I am having an issue with my 3 year old as well....he keeps getting out of his toddler bed to get in his brother's bed (they share a room). Trouble is that the brother doesn't want him in his bed, so they just bicker and then stay up. It is trying my patience!!!

  • mgrisso-

    I am curious how the last two nights have gone.  From what i have heard in regard to having toddlers move into their own beds/rooms the first night is awful, the 2nd night is better, the 3rd can be tough, but from the 4th on it's easy.  Stay steady and follow your word.


  • Sorry, I am not getting back to you sooner Jessica.  After that week things started to get better.  I do sit in her room with her now until she falls asleep, which is never longer then 10 minutes.  And I do leave the door open while I'm in there.  After she falls asleep, I leave the room, close the door and she is out for the night... most nights anyway.  I open the door to her bedroom after my hubby and I go to bed.  Lately if she wakes up in the middle of the night she fusses a bit from her bed and I come in to comfort her.  Most times she just needs a diaper change and then she is back to dream land. 

    Things are definately better now.  Thank you all for your help and support.

  • mgrisso- I am just so impressed with your parenting skills! Bedtime and sleeping is one of the biggest struggles that I help parents/patients with. It can be a huge ordeal, and parents have a very hard time settle appropriate (and caring) limits and holding to them. You have done a stellar job! I am so glad that things have improved and it just goes to show what a good job you are doing. Keep us posted, Jess
  • Thanks Jess!  That is so nice to hear.  As for an update.... My daughter is doing great in her toddler bed.  She goes to bed willingly, I sit in her room with her for a few minutes before leaving her and she has been sleeping through the night.  It's great. 

    On to potty training I guess.

  • Awesome! and, then never a dull moment with kiddos as you move on to potty training :). You should fly through the potty training since you handled the bed time challenge so well! Keep us in the loop, Jess
  • Mgrisso - good to hear! I'm so glad that things have improved for you. This will give me hope when I have to tough it out with my little guy. Great job!

  • We had a horrible time when we moved to toddler bed. Our daughter used to sleep great in the crib and when she was 10 months she figured out how to pull herself up on top of the side. When we moved to the toddler beds, she would not go to sleep, it became such a nightmare that we had to lay on the floor in her room until she fell asleep.