How do you choose a preschool? What do you look for?

  • Choosing a preschool was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. Some were too regimented, some were too crowded, and most of them were just not quite right. How did you choose a preschool for your child? What attributes do you look for in a preschool or daycare?

  • This is such a tough decision with so many different things to consider. For those of you that have gone through this process what questions were on your list? I'm curious what you all have learned so far as how different day cares handle illness? What about daily activities? Do most day cares have a daily schedule? Any information you can give us would really help not only me but others as well! -Jess
  • I know my daughter is only 2, but I don't plan on putting her in preschool.  I think I am going to keep her at her in home daycare until she goes to kindergarten.  What is preschool really?  It is an early learning facility.  My daughter is learning just as much at daycare as she would at a preschool and she is getting more attention.  I was unable to become a stay at home mom when she came along so I wanted her to go to the next best thing.  My daycare provider works out of her home and treats all of the kids as if they were her own.  She has routine, structure, nutritious meal plans and educational activities that she does with the kids on a daily bases.  I am amazed at how much she is learning.  I wouldn't consider taking her away from that to go to a preschool.  She will be in kindergarten/grade school soon enough.

  • Mgrisso - sounds like you have a fabulous place for your daughter! I'd keep her there too. :-)

    My little boy is only 20 months but I have heard about several preschools in the area that sound interesting. One that I like is actually a preschool primarily for hearing impaired kids. They have a blended class that is made up of hearing kids (which is my little boy) and hearing impaired kids (which I am, btw). The ratio of students to teachers is very small and they work very hard on speech, vocabulary, motor skills, music skills, assertiveness, and social skills. They are very attentive and nurturing too. Many parents of hearing kids have reported their kids thriving under the therapy that all the kids get. I really like this concept and also the idea of my son learning to be friends with people of different abilities and challenges then himself. All that being said, I agree with Mgrisso that preschool is not entirely necessary but I know my boy will love the social he will be going. :-)