Ped wants DD on formula until 18mo, but WIC says no

  • Please understand my situation. My baby is 13mo and up until Aug 16 was exclusiveley breastfed. At this time, she was a great nurser, but I ended up spending 9 days in the hospital due to a radical hysterectomy. Once I came home, she would only drink from a bottle. Now, she has nothing to do from the breast. I offer it and she flails and flops as if being tortured. Because she is still in the 5th percentile for weight, the pediatrician wants her on formula until at least 18mo. We are on WIC, but because she is past 12mo, they will not supply any formula for us, even though the pediatrician has written an RX for it. We are a family of 6 living on less than $40,000. Breastfeeding was free and I've tried pumping, but I don't produce enough in a day for even one feeding. Is there any program that can help me afford enough to feed my little girl? Thanks so much.

  • Wow - such a stressful situation! Could you try calling  your doctor and get some advice on how to increase your milk supply? There are some things your doctor can prescribe! Perhaps call your local La Leche league group (look it up online) and talk to them for some free breastfeeding advice. Hang in there!!

  • clcope-I want to start by helping you take a deep breath.  There are ways to deal with this situation without going broke, and with reaching the ultimate goal of a healthy happy baby.   What you need to do is make an appointment with her doctor and tell him exactly what the situation is with WIC and your breast milk.  There are options so far as changing to milk and then adding pedisure if WIC won't do formula.  Or WIC may be willing to work with you with a new referral, script, and letter of explanation from her doc.  The other thing is that there are some drugs that women can take to increase their milk production so a visit to your provider may be very helpful.  Please give this a try and let me know how things go.  I can do more brainstorming for you need be.  :) Jess

  • I've just been concerned about this baby so I wanted to drop in and see if there has been progress made on this problem.  Please post back if there is anything I can do to help!

    Thanks,  Jess