Local Programs

  • I had great luck this past year utilizing inexpensive programs through our county parks and recreation department and public library in enriching our children with academic, physical, creative and social activities. What types of activities have your kids participated in that you would recommend to other parents?

  • We love our local programs! This last summer, there were tons of free concerts and movies in various parks. We go to open gyms at the community centers here on rainy days to play. We head to free concerts and exhibits downtown, as well as bookstores that have story times. The library also has great story times. We also go to Barnes and Noble and play at the train table in their children's section and get a chocolate milk at the coffee shop there. Even the symphony here has a "Tiny Tot's" program where they play kid friendly music for a half hour show in the mornings a couple of times a year. The internet is great for searching out fun things to do!