my 3 year old is almost out of control

  • I have 2 kiddos. A little boy who is 3 and a little girl who is 1. My little girl just started walking around thanksgiving and ever since i have had complete trouble out of him. I need some advice on how to deal with the way he is acting out... he is throwing temper tantrums, talking back, not wanting to go to the potty... he is staying in trouble. Any ideas on how to deal with him and what i should do disipline wise with him?

  • mama4306-

    Do you have any idea what exactly has triggered him to act out so?  Do you think this is a direct response to your daughter walking?  If so, what about this might be causing him so much distress?

    So far as dealing with difficult behavior i think that being consistent is the first thing.  You want to make sure that all adults in the house are consistent with him about what is ok and what is not ok, as well as how they deal with the not ok behavior.  The next thing is to try to act out of positive reinforcement as much as possible.  Anytime the kiddos are doing what they are supposed to make positive reinforcing statements.  Also sticker chart systems or a system of checks can be a great reinforcer.  Then for poor behavior time outs with one minute per year of age is appropriate.  Then when they are done with time out back to positively reinforcing any good behavior is the way to go.  You might look up "Love and Logic Parenting" for more guidance.  


  • While it is natural for many 3 year olds to go through a "difficult" phase, there may be something more going on. Start by taking a look at your child's diet and his sleep routine. Many children do not get adequate sleep and therefore begin to act out---especially when they are tired. Also, look at his diet. Is it full of fresh fruits and veggies or is it full of preservatives and chemicals. Sometimes those preservatives cause children to display behavioral problems. It is a start, but definitely something to look into.