• My 15 month old HATES taking a bath. Ive tried toys and bubbles but she just cries and screams bloody murder. I have tried taking a shower with her and it is only a little better. She used to love the water and this has only been going on for about 4 months......any advice? 

  • It sounds as though you have tried many things to help her like bath time.  Did something frighten her?  Did she hear something about water?  Children pick up on much more than we think they do!  It might help to do some thinking about what might have been going on when she started despising bath time.  Perhaps keeping it fun and short would be best for now.  That way it doesn't seem like this huge looming project...just in clean up and out.  Then as she starts wanting to hng out in the tub more you can certainly let her.  Keep us posted on how things are going, Jess

  • My son went through a phase where he hated baths and showers. I took him to the beach and I think the huge crashing waves frightened him. We just made bathtime short and sweet and didn't draw it out too much. Eventually he got over it. I also put my swimsuit on and got into the tub with him a few times to play. It helped a bit. Hang in there!

  • What about only putting like a tiny bit of water in the tub..barely enough to wet a washcloth and just let her play in the tub. Then as she gets more used to it, you can gradually increase the amount of the water. If she continues it, you may want to run it by her pediatrician. There may be a sensory issue going on that could be easily fixed. Some children don't like the sound of the water running, so parents learn to run the bath water when the child is not in the room. Others realize that their baby doesn't like to feel the water around them so they let them wear swim trunks in the tub. Let us know what works!

  • I have a shower head that comes all the way down to touch the bottom of the tub, I let my son hold it and changed the nozzle to where just a little bit of water came out on a gentle stream. He would hold it while I washed him, slowly he wanted more water and now takes baths and showers. He will 2 in July. It got him to love baths now. He just needed to be in control I think. Hope this helps, best wishes and hang in there.



  • How are things going with bathtime? Let us know what is working or not working for you!