My son is biting

  • It started about six months ago, he is biting my niece. I have tried to talk to him, spank him on the bottom, I have even bite him softly just to get him to understand and I swear it was not hard (which makes me cry even now just thinking about it), I have tried time out, but I don't know what else to do. He was always a calm, relaxed baby. I don't know if it's because he has his cousin around him all the time now vs. being home alone with mommy and daddy. We all live in the same house now, my son, myself, my sister, her daughter and our mother (Nana). I have been reading posts here and books, magazine articles but nothing is working. He has almost drawn blood on my niece and my mother wants to separate the two children because of it. I keep my calm and try to calm him down but he is starting to throw fits with the biting as well. Is there something that I can do? He really is a love bug and I just don't know what to do to get him to stop.

  • Unfortunately there is no easy way to stop him from biting and I wish there was. Just be consistent with him and discipline him when he bites. Tell him that there is no biting and then put him in timeout in his room, a timeout chair, or his bed. Resist the urge to bite or even play nibble on him as this will send him mixed signals. For now, keep the kids apart as much as you can. I know this is frustrating, but you have to keep your niece safe as well. Also, when he bites and AFTER he is disciplined, see if maybe he is hungry or just needs some oral input. Chewy foods, dense breads, and crunchy apple slices might give him the sensory input his mouth is craving. Talk to your pediatrician as well. Good luck!

  • Thank you and I will keep trying. I agree that my niece needs to be safe, it's just so hard because they are like twins, or brother and sister instead of cousins. I will absolutely try to keep the nibble play down, his nana loves nibbling on his neck! Thank you soooo much!