trouble with potty trainig

  • my daughter about to turn 3 tomorrow and she still wont used the potty she knows how just wont and i dont want to force her cause in the books it says itll make it worse i was hoping shed be potty trained right now im about to have another.her cousin a year younger then her and is potty trained and i need help i dont know what else to do

  • Kickapoo_mom2-

    I think the first thing is to not get emotionally involved in this-HARD TO DO!  What I would suggest is a sticker chart.  If she uses the potty, she gets a sticker and if she gets so many stickers she gets some sort of prize.  BUT have it be her deal-If you do this then you get a pretty special sticker, but if not "oh well".  Hard to be laid back when it's something you really want for her and you!  Then lots of positive reinforcement!

    Kids meet milestones at different ages so don't worry to much about her cousin vs her.  She will get this, and my guess is one day she will just announce "no more diapers/pull ups" and be potty trained.  I've certianly seen this.


    Let us know how it's going,


  • With my first she was potty trained at 18months and with my son he is going on 3 soon everyone (family/friends) compare oh whats wrong with him? It really just takes patience. Ignore the ignorance. They really will go when they're ready. Try taking her to the store and letting her pick out her own undies. Then continue putting on her pull up/diaper whatever and pulling the panties over. My son wont go on his own. Some kids like privacy others are scared for you to leave the bathroom. Have you tried getting her a cute potty or the potty attachment that goes on top of the toilet ? Praise her when she goes, but try not to show your frustration when she doesnt. Every child is different its just finding what works for yours. Just make comments oh mommy's going potty ect and praise praise praise ! Every child loves the attention when they do good ! Lets go to the park, paint, buy a coloring book, play your fave game, ect something cheap and expensive everytime she does good. Dont ask her just tell her okay time to go potty. I try it in the morning when he wakes up, 2xs mid-day (depending on our schedule) and before he goes to bed. I'm due soon so whenever you go sit her down as well. Good luck & best wishes ! Hang in there she'll get it down soon, repetition is key !

  • I know it may not be the best, but I used M&M's as little incentives. Every time they went potty well, I gave them a few little M&M's as a reward. They got the hang of potty training pretty quickly! :)

  • I think M&ms are just fine-it's just another mechanism of positive reinforcement.  I wanted to check in and see how you are doing, been thinking about you,