Two kids under the age of 2

  • My first child is 23 months and my second is 3months. the first child, she thinks that i must spend time with her all the time and starts throwing stuff if im holding her brother. i need some advice on how to explain to her that brother needs me too? Also i have drinking thro tippy cups before her brother was born bt now she thinks she can have them if her brother

  • It's hard to make a child not yet 2 to understand. I have three kids and my oldest is five and it can be a struggle. One thing that helped me was to have your daughter help you take care of her little brother. When he is feeding, you hold the baby and have your daughter hold the bottle, or help your daughter pick out his cloths, etc. Also be sure to set aside time whenever possible for some alone time with her. I hope this helps!

  • I think that Answerdad has soem awesome advice so far as having your older child help some with tasks related to your baby.  I think that this helps them feel included, important (bc they are!!) and takes the focus off some of the major changes that are going on at home with the arrival of a new baby!  Keep us posted on how things are going,