not sleep in own bed

  • i have a 13 month old not sleeping in his crib. he started this a few weeks ago. he was on a schedule. around 8 i'd gave him bath, read him a book, then put him into his crib. he would fall asleep himself and not wake up till 7, but now i can't even put him in his crib without him screaming! i've even tried rocking him to sleep, then laying him down, but as soon as he's in his crib he'll wake right up screaming! i'm due to have another child in february and i can't have him not sleeping in his crib. help!

  • My first question is have you tried letting him cry it out? I know it's the most difficult thing in the world to hear your child agonizing alone in the dark, but screaming is always more difficult on the parent than on the child. He sounds like he has the capacity to self-soothe, so I have always been a believer in letting them cry it out. If not, you are creating bad habits that are likely to get more complicated when your new baby arrives. Also be sure to rule out the obvious such as teething. Another tool can be some kind of white noise or soothing music that your he associates with bedtime. Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck!

  • I agree with Answer Dad...try a light show on his ceiling or a glow worm for his bed. These can help this age group get over their fear of being alone in the dark. You can also try some white noise or classical music, but in the end you just may need to hear him cry it out. Hope this helps!

  • AnswerDad03, you had a very nice idea. I think your idea is a big help to CadenNHuntersMommy.