Little Boy Gets so Angry

  • My 4-year-old is very emotional and gets very angry at his older siblings for leaving him out of games etc. Sometimes they include him, but sometimes he is just too little to play what they are playing. How do I help him deal with this anger and understand that he is just younger than they are? – Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator




  • I Think that it could be a good idea to sit down with your older children and maybe give them a few pointers on how to help him not feel so left out. 

    1: Give him a small role in the game if possible. (For example bat boy for baseball,)

    2: think of inventive ways in the games where he can play too (we used to play red rover red rover with our very younger brother and we would just lightly hold hands on his level to give him a fair advantage)

    In instances where the first two are not options

    3. Give your older children an easy way to let him down (ex: ________ you're still too little for this game, but maybe if you're patient while we play, then we can play a game that you choose.)

    4. Or redirect his attention to another "COOLER" game that he can play. 

    In any case he needs to learn how to overcome disappointment and turn a negative into a positive. Even though he can't play this time, doesn't mean he can't play the next time. 

  • Those are some great suggestions Brinny! Thanks I will defintely try some of these.

  • Try to explain to your baby MommyRN4 , I think a 4 year old can already understand.