TV schedules and toddlers—what is yours like?

  • I try to limit my children's TV time, but the winter months make it difficult, as do rainy days. How do you limit the TV time in your house and what is your TV schedule like? Do you have a TV schedule?  - Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • as of yet we don't really have a tv schedule. Once she is old enough to not be supervised every second of the day then i will put one in place. I do allow Hazel to watch the Baby First channel randomly throughout the day, it is full of educational programs. Even though the AAP says babies don't benefit from tv programs my daughter really enjoys interacting with the programs that come on. when she hears her favorite programs come on from another room she claps her hands and hurries to watch. her favorite program is a HOT & cold game episode (she claps with the characters when they find the item they are looking for), she also likes the songs that they play on all of the programs.

  • Some kids are just naturally drawn to the TV and others are not. I have 2 that are inexplicably drawn to the TV no matter what is on, so I better make sure it is at least good or unplug the TV altogether. 

  • I think it's important to limit that screen time, which can be really hard in the winter!  Maybe a show in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Then use music, games, books and other forms of entertainment.  Hopefully spring will be here soon and walks to the park can be the highlighted activity!


  • I don't think that TV is the same as it was when I was growing up. There are many really good and educational programs available and with on demand and DVR, we always have some great choices if the kids want to watch TV. For us it's not as much how much they watch, but what they watch. Obviously we don't want our kids to become couch potatoes which can be a problem, but they enjoy crafts and activities in the winter time as well. I am excited because recently my oldest, who is 5 1/2 is enjoying me reading books to her meant for young readers.

  • I just recently heard that you can suspend your Direct TV account up to two times a year. Maybe I will try to suspend the TV account over the summer and see how it goes! We do rent movies and that is always a good thing, plus there is always Netflix when it is rainy. 

  • Wow!  Everyone has such great ideas.  I love the idea of pausing the direct tv and then really thinking about what to watch-as you have to pick it with more intention than channel surfing with the remote.  I agree with answerdad in that it very much has to do with quality.

    Keep the good ideas coming!


  • I really love PBS kids for tv time when we do have it. It has limited commercials and educational programming. My son pretty much learned letters and numbers off of some of the shows! I still try to limit his overall tv time but I feel a bit better if he's watching something that will stimulate him a bit.