Reading time is fun!

  • My son didn’t always love to sit still and read with me but lately he is really into it! We go to the library and pick out books based on what his interests are. We’ve got a bunch of books about trains right now because he is very into his train sets and Thomas Train. What are some of your favorite books to read to your kids? -Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Right not we love anything Dr Seuss. I think the Abc's and my oh my a butterfly are the most read in our house at the moment.


  • I love children's books!  The Berenstain bears, Blueberries for Sal, for older kids-the Little House on the Prairie series.  So many more good books...

    I am looking forward to hearing from others,


  • Always Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, and Hungry Caterpillar for little kids

    The Diggers, Bearenstein bears, and anything by Mercer Meyer for preschool kids

    Magic Tree House, Judy Blume, Junie B Jones, and Beast Quest books for older kids

  • My oldest likes Fancy Nancy while my toddler loves the "How do Dinosaurs..." books. My middle is a big fan of the "llama, Llama... " series. I definitely encourage moms and dads to take their kids to the library... my kids LOVE it! Plus our county library has lots of fun and interesting programs that have really made the library a highly desired location for our kids to visit.

  • Oh I loved Judy Blume!  What about Marguerite Henry-any horse lovers out there?  Beverly Cleary?!  Those books are just to treasure. :)


  • My older kids just got 10 classic books from the Classic Start series. It is great because it is right on their level for chapter books...Last night they were reading Swiss Family Robinson and the Secret Garden! My son even said that he can't wait to read the Time Machine!

  • It is a great joy for my wife and me to help share a love of reading with our kids. Right now they are young but I am hoping they are developing a lifelong love of reading.

  • I think the more we read to them the more they develop a love for reading.  My mom is an elementary teacher and so i grew up cherishing books.  She read to me every night.  It was such a special time.  As I got into 2nd and third grade I remember reading the Little House on the Prairie books, one at a time through the whole series.  What magic!


  • Oh my, Little House on the Prairie...COMPLETE magic as a little girl. Loved them. 

  • Story telling books are very interesting for kids. Try to take books with maximum number of pictures. Kids love pictures and they get interest in reading.