Its another girl!

  • Just wanted to let everyone know: We found out the gender of our 2nd child due 1st week of Oct: its a little girl. Our daughter Melody will have a baby sister!
    When we told her she threw a tantrum and said no girl, baby bubba! Are there any tips on trying to get her to come around to the idea of a baby sister, shes 14.5 months old.

  • CONGRATS!!! I Have always wanted a little boy, but i would gladly take another sweet little girl. As far as your daughter not wanting the baby to be a girl maybe you should start talking to her about how great it will be to have a little sister to play with and all the little girl games they can play together like house, and shopping.. also i know there are some books out there about getting a little sister so maybe you could check a couple of those out so she can start to see that having a little sister is a good thing. But really i would be willing to bet that as soon as that baby is born she will love her little sister. When she can see her and touch her and help you pick out clothes for her. She will love her so don't worry.

  • That is such exciting news!  Now double the pink, double the barbie, the ballet slippers, baby dolls, lip stick...should i stop now?!  :)  I think there are two ways to deal with this.  One is to ignore the behavior and not over emphasize that it's a girl vs a boy.  The other option is to get her her own baby girl doll to play with. -Jess

  • Oh my goodness - another girl! Congrats! I think it's TOO funny how your little girl responded. She is quite opinionated for a girl her age. So cute! My son was really upset about having a brother...he wanted a sister. After a while, he just changed his mind. I didn't make a big deal about it...just told him how excited we were for his brother and told him all the fun things he could show his brother such as baseball, building trains, etc. By sort of ignoring his pouting, he got over it pretty quickly. Good luck! 

  • I got her a little girl baby doll. She named it "Baby Bubba". I didn't say anything about it, but she cares for her baby really well. She tries to feed it (food from her kitchen, its adorable seeing her try to give her baby a hot dog and corn on the cob), she cuddles it, and carries it with care and tries to have it walk with her. I think she is coming around to a baby is coming, just not sure on gender.

  • Awww, she is so nurturing! That's good news for her baby sister coming along! I think she'll get over the whole boy/girl thing. A real, live baby will be pretty exciting news no matter what! :-)