What is Your Favorite TV Show for Toddlers?

  • My son is obsessed with Team Umizoomi right now and last month it was Little Einsteins. What TV show is your child's favorite right now? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • My son loves Curious George...he could watch it all day long!

  • I'm just so glad we have passed the days of that big purple dino and those colorful daning dinosaurs!


  • Hahah, not a Barney fan?? :-p 

  • I can completely agree with being glad Barney is mainly a thing of the past!!! My little brother LOVED him and it was AWEFUL!!! Hazel still loves all of the Baby First programs and has recently started liking the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes.

  • Is this a new Mickey mouse club or replays?  It was a bit before my time but everyone I know that knows of mickey's club  shows loves them!


  • I think these are newer.. it is more 3 dementional (like rollie polie ollie) than the traditional cartoon shows. They always have some sort of mystery to solve and have to use their mousecatools to find clues.