Potty Training a Boy

  • Hi Ladies and Gents, I really do need all the advice I can get. My 2.5 yr old boy has absolutely refused to be potty trained. I have tried all the trickes there is. I know that he is ready because the runs up to me and tells each time he pees or poops. I dont know what else to do. Any advice????

  • Unfortunately, all you can do is be consistent. Just ditch the pullups and go in underwear. He needs to feel the underwear getting wet. Make a committment to be outside a bunch and move the potty outside if need be. Read him books and show him potty videos that make potty training seem fun. You can do it!

  • Have you tried letting him pee on froot loops or something like that? My EXs mom said that is how she potty trained her boys. Maybe he will have fun aiming and want to.

  • I echo MommyRN4's advice - good information! Also, what is he motivated by? My son finally got motivated by a chart in which he had to have 5 pees on the potty and 5 poops on the potty - for each one of these he got to put stickers on and then get a small toy when he accomplished his goal. He took off after that! 

  • Also - set a timer and put him on the potty every hour or two for several days. He'll understand what if feels like to need to pee and go on the potty. Hope this helps!!

  • I am all about positive reinforcement!  Stickers, M&Ms, what ever motivates him.