Dropping Naps

  • When my oldest boy was about 2, he started having a very hard time going to sleep at night and was fighting naps. I finally decided to skip his nap and make bedtime an hour earlier. It worked really well! I have to say, however, that I was really sad to not have that break that naps provided for me. Does anyone do quiet time with their kids in their rooms daily?  ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • This is a great question. I am a stay at home mom of three kids. They range from 4 and 3 years old and also 6 months. I still enforce nap time and my four year old is giving me a harder time everyday. I'm lucky if I get 45 minutes. However she goes to preschool 2 days of the week where she's required 2 hour nap/quiet time. I hear she's not asleep the whole time either. I'm with you Julie, nap time is as much for me as for them. I need so

    me break in the day. Looking forward to other ideas. 

  • I think that nap time is extremely important for everyone in the family!!! Especially the mom!!! If your child won't nap at all, then consider making it "downtime". Put them in their room with some toys and books, turn the lights on low and tell them that they can play in their quietly for an hour. That worked well with my son. Sometimes he even fell asleep!!! You can also try laying down with them for naps…that worked well for me. 

    Try something unique like books on CD or bible stories on CD to make the idea of sitting in their room a bit more fun.

    My sister would put her son in the car at 2 every day and drive to Starbucks and grab a coffee, then she would drive around until he fell asleep. He always seemed to fall asleep in the car. Then she would pull over under a tree and turn the car off and read a book or magazine or catch up on her emails for an hour. That was her routine!


  • LaSage - it's a sad day when naps stop!! I finally gave up - my little guy is done with them. I do what MommyRN4 says. I put him in his room with some quiet time activities and a kitchen timer. The timer is set for 1 hour and when it dings, he can come out. I usually turn on some music and he has a little tub of activities I put together that are only available to him during quiet times. At least I still get a little break and some down time is good for him every day! 

  • I think that once naps phase out that "quiet time" that you are describing is very important.  I think that it not only has a restorative function but also helps kids learn how to self entertain and self regulate.  I think it's very restorative for the rest of the family too!!  Lol.  -Jess

  • I think that once those naps get phased out it's important to do the "quiet time" that you describe.  This allows kids to learn to self-entertain and is restorative for the rest of the family.  lol  -Jess