my 14 month odl is talking yet should i be worried?

  • My son says dad an mom an some other small words. My fiancés mom says he should be talking more. Is it normal for him to not be talking with bigger words at this age?

  • First of all remember that ALL children are different and learn at different paces. I too have a child that seems to REFUSE to speak. She will be 2 next month, and sometimes we feel like she is lagging behind in the speech department when we see other children her age who communicate rather well and use full sentences to convey what they want... Where as my daughter will point and whine to no end regardless of what we do. Dont get me wrong she has a good vocabulary, but will not use it to communicate with us outside of vague on liners. for example if she wants the light on or off she will point to the switch ad say "Li", she says grama, grampa, and knows all of the names of the people and dogs in our family, and many other words, numbers, shapes, animals, animal noises along with what they are associated with.. but still will not put them together to communicate. Instead she does what we like to call Hazel speak which is random babble with occasional words thrown into the mix.. this is usually spoken to her babies or in private. The moment we try to join in she shuts down as if she is embarrassed or maybe it is just extreme shyness. I try to look at it like this... How many people do you know who can't speak? I personally have never met a single person who has not learnt to speak. Sure there are mutes in the worls but they are few and far between.... So with that being said our children WILL learn. It may take them a little longer than others for reansons that may be unapparent to us. Maybe its shynes, embarrassment, stubborness... but eventually WE ALL LEARN! there is hope; so keep chugging along, talk to kim as much as possible, allow him to play with other children his age so he can learn from them. Anyway don't allow anyone to tell you there is something wrong because he is behind the other children.. He is just going at his own pace.

  • Don't listen to everyone else. Use your mommy instincts and if your worried talk with your pediatrician. I have three kids now and at that age they all say only a few words. I encourage reading and lots of talking to him. But overall don't worry or stress, keep positive. 

  • I agree with the other mommies - talk to your pediatrician with any concerns but every kiddo is different. It sounds like he is saying SOME words, which is great. My 17 month old has a little handful of words that he says, but not very many. The real key is that he demonstrates understanding of what I say to him, he responds to me playing with him, and interacts well with me/others. Speech will usually come with time.

    Best thing you can do is read to your little boy every day and just talk to him while you are doing stuff - talk about the things in the store while grocery shopping or things on the street while driving. It may seem pointless but he'll start spouting words before you know it. :-)

  • Don't worry all babies learn at their own pace don't rush him it also depends on if he has older brothers and sisters I have 3 kids of my own all about a year apart but when the younger child is around kids a little bit older they want to do what the big kids are doing like walking talking eating with spoons or forks ect. so don't give up and hang in there cuz once they start talking they don't stop

  • My 16 month old son doesn't speak but a few words either.  We try to get him to say other words but he doesn't even seem interested in trying.  My husband and I were just having this same discussion.  We tried to get him to say "donut' over and over again the other morning, he eventually said "doe" a couple times, but that was it.  He does however understand just about everything we say to him.  Don't be worried.  He'll be talking before you know it and won't stop.  In my personal experiences I have found that girls tend to speak faster, but boys are more physical faster.  Was you son crawling, walking, climbing, etc. early? 

  • Kids are definitely on a spectrum from early age to later age with everything they do.  However, if you are concerned you can talk with your doc about this.  If nothing else the peace of mind of knowing everything is ok makes it worth it.  Keep talking to your little one as studies show that the more we talk with kids that age the better they do developmentally in every way.

    Keep us posted,  Jess

  • Lots of wisdom in the previous posts. As with most everything, check with your doc to make sure your child is developing properly in every way and don't believe everything you hear from friends and family! If your doctor does determine that there may be a delay, you may be entitled to subsidized early intervention services.

  • All my kids talked at various ages. Some were early talkers at 18 months,...others didn't talk until they were almost 3! I just kept my pediatrician informed and had them evaluated at 2 for speech issues, but ultimately, nothing was wrong. They were just taking in the world and talked a little later. NOW, I can't get them to be quiet!!! LOL!

    Just make sure you are following up with your doctor and he or she will let you know when to get your child evaluated.