Stubborn Toddler –UGH!

  • My toddler has recently become very stubborn. He seems to tell me NO all the time. He will refuse to eat, refuse to brush his teeth, refuse to go to bed…the list goes on and on. I feel like every day is a constant struggle. Is this a phase or can I help him stop the stubbornness? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • It's a battle of wills. I see positive reinforcement being a great tool here. Let him think he is in control while you hold the "puppet strings" so to speak. Is he old enough to unerstand a sticker chart with a physical reward? I think my 2 year old would be able to comprehend putting stickers on a board for a good action, but i think she would have to be able to physically see the reward to care about reaching it. Either way just manipulate the stuation to where he thinks he is making the decision to do what you want him to do.. Then reward him for it.

  • I was having the same problem with my toddler. He wouldn't listen to nobody he wanted to feel like he was the big boy. I let him know that he was a big boy if he listen,and that made him change his ways because he only wanted to feel like he was a big boy. Praise him for good behaviors. 

  • TyoniaAllen-

    It sounds like you have some experience with this.  I absolutely love what you said about PRAISING him for good behaviors.  It's so important to provide that positive reinforcement!

    Keep up the good "mommying"!  -Jess

  • That is great advice! I will try making sure he feels good about listening and being a big boy!