Keeping toddler hydrated

  • Now that it's summertime, my toddler is running everywhere and sweatuing up a storm. We are determined to keep her hydrated, but she doesn't water consistently. She loves juice, but we are concerned about the sugar, even though we water her juice down sifgnificantly. Should we worry more abour hydration and give her juice, or worry more about sugar? Opinions?

  • Now that summer is over, we were very successful getting our toddler to drink all summer. Water, juices, milk and plenty of home-made ice pops!

  • I have always found that a new cup with their favorite character on it does wonders at getting them to drink more. I usually stick to the recommendation of 4 oz of juice a day but I water it down to have it stretch more throughout the day. Then I give them water and milk.

  • You can try using different cups for different types of drinks. Have a special cup with their favorite character for water, another for juice, and another for milk. This will make drinking more fun. Also, if your toddler sees you drinking a lot of water, he/she will want to copy you and will want to drink more. Make sure you don't drink soda or sugary drinks in front of your child because he/she will want exactly that. A sports bottle works wonders!! Toddlers love the squirt bottles! Try adding a little lemon to water to give it some flavor.
  • Great suggestions! We will try all of those suggestions!