Potty Training

  • I was really hoping to tackle potty training my two year old this summer. Unfortunately, she is showing no signs of being ready. She wakes up soaked and doesn’t seem to know when she is wetting her diaper. I really don’t see her being ready anytime soon. Have you started potty training yet?

  • We haven't started yet with our 22 month old. Our doc said that generally, when speech begins to really explode, she should be ready. Well, my daughter has an incredible vocab (not just doting dad! The nurses were bringing other nurses to listen to her at our practice) but shows no desire to go to potty, so we are being patient. We bring it up often as an offer to her if she doesn't want to have a diaper changed, but she isn't there yet and we don't want to cause frustration.

  • I hate to disagree with your doctor, but I've known TONS of children who spoke well and weren't ready to be potty trained. A child can be verbally advanced and physically behind or just on course.  My daughter is 26 months and can converse like an adult, but is nowhere close to being ready physically for potty training.

    I think you are doing the right thing by not pushing her. It just causes frustration for parents and child both.

  • I'd like to report successful potty training with my toddler! We've gone three weeks in underwear, two of which with no accidents. What I did was wait until she was consistently waking up dry. I figured she was physically ready at that point. Plus, she'd been using the potty consistently at preschool, too. One day, we just decided to really encourage her to always use the potty and gave her stickers every time she did. And here we are, potty trained at 31 months!