Cell Phone Ringtones

  • I just did something silly. I downloaded a song from The Wonder Pets and set it as the ring tone for my cell phone. Why did I do it? Because I know my two year old (and ten year old, too!) will get a kick out of hearing it whenever my phone rings. Do you ever download ring tones just for your kids? What are some silly songs you’ve set just for them?

  • I had sponge bob as a ringtone for a while. he loved it too.

  • I haven't downloaded a ringtone just for them yet, but they loved my Christmas ringtone of "Carol of the Bells" and they still love to hear the Wicked Soundtrack song " Defying Gravity" when my phone rings. I am toying with putting the Star Wars Darth Vader theme on my phone for my oldest!

  • Believe it or not, my husband's ringtone is Vader's theme -- and it's not for the kids!