• Naptime is my favorite time of day. The only time I am able to get things done and have a moment to myself is when my children are napping. My son however, is trying to stop taking a nap. What do you do when your children stop napping? How do you get time to yourself?

  • I know....loosing naptime is harder for the mommies than it is for the toddlers! When my children stopped taking naps I thought I was going to cry! Then I realized that I could begin to put them to bed earlier. Instead of fighting to put them to bed at 9, they were all in bed and asleep quickly between 7:30 and 8! This gave me more time in the evenings to do things around the house and spend time with my hubby.

    Now, with so many of them.....I try to take them to the gym a few times a week. They offer free childcare in their kids club for 2 hours a day. The kids love it and they get to play with other kids and run around. I get to spend the 2 hours doing whatever I feel like....Some days I am good and I workout, other days I get a pedicure in the spa and sit in the hottub!!! Either way it is a win win!

  • Our 22 month old daughter has given her naps up completely, unless we are driving somewhere for more than 20 minutes. With our other baby at 5 months, this gives us little time through the day to get things done. When possible, we try to take long walks to help get some exercise which also encourages an earlier bedtime. It all sounds good, but I want her to take naps again!

  • I know how that feels.  I have a two year old and a nine month old and a few months ago my two year old tried to stop taking a nap.  I started doing more physical activities with her in the mornings to make her tired by nap nap time and it worked.  She is taking naps again.  We do as many outdoor activities as possible and now that she is back in the routine of taking a nap i haven't had any problems.  I hope it stays this way a little whileSmile

  • Hi BabyNurse3,

    I'm a stay at home mom, with a two year old, and whenever she doesn't want to nap, I have her help me with chores around the house. She loves to help vaccuum, which tires her quickly. I truly make a song and dance about it, and before you know it, she's asleep. You have to find things to make them tired, and put that into your routine. Also if your child is a late sleeper, try and make naps a little later in the daay, to give him time to get tired.Cool

  • Exercise!   My son HAS to have some form of exercise everyday or he's wired.  Also, I started cutting back on juices before naptime or bedtime.  Even the natural fruit sugars makes him more hyper.  Some days he still doesn't want to nap, but we have "quiet time" and he "reads" books quietly in his bed, listens to music on a cd, or plays quietly in bed.  I have him do this for atleast 30 min.  I check on him periodically, but make him stay in bed  so that I can get something accomplished!

  • My son is four and just started not taking naps all the time. Days when he id more tired then normal he'll fall asleep on his own on the couch. But normally he doesn't nap anymore so we have movie time which is when he picks whatever he wants to watch and he has to lie down or sit on the couch and watch the movie he isn't aloud up unless to go potty. and it gives me a good hour or more depending on the movie to get things done in other rooms and he also goes to bed sooner on days he doesn't nap so that give me more time in the evening to finish picking up the house and still have a few hours to myself and with my husband before we finally go to bed. I miss naptime alot somedays and probably will even more soon as we are execpting another child in june...but i'm sure we'll get throu it all. good luck i hope you find something that works for you guys.