Traveling by plane

  • A plane ride with a toddler can be a nerve wracking experience for many parents. The good news is preparing in advance can make the experience easier for you and your toddler. Many parents find it helps to pack snacks, new toys, and their child’s favorite comfort object. How do you handle plane rides with your toddler?

  • We took our little one on a very short plane ride when she was about 11 months. We brought everything we could to keep her occupied: food, toys, books, music, blankie. But nothing worked. All she wanted to do was cruise up and down the aisle the whole time.

  • When my oldest son was 14 months old, we took a trip to Ireland to visit family. I was worried about how he would do on such a long plane trip, but he did great. We brought lots of snacks, a few fun ELMO videos for the DVD player and a lot of books. I had to be careful which toys we brought because so many of them made noise!!!