• My 14 month old id starting to take off his diaper and he quite often plays in the bathroom. Ive caught him a few times trying to lift up the toilet... so cute:) But does that mean he's ready to be potty trained? Ive asked him a few times does he have to potty so that he can just get used the name, but im unsure of what to expect...

  • There are many ways to tell if your child is ready to be potty trained. But your child probably isn't quite ready yet. Your child should be able to:

    1. Let you know that he needs to go to the bathroom
    2. Be able to pull his pants on and off by himself or with very little help
    3. Wakes up from his naps dry
    4. Goes several hours a day without a wet diaper
    5. Has predictable bowel movements

    Although these are not "written in stone", if your child exhibits most of these signs, it will make potty training a lot easier. That being should be excited that he shows so much interest in the bathroom. It also means that he is paying attention and that he knows where he is supposed to go to the bathroom. You can encourage this by talking about the potty and occasionally letting him sit on it if he is interested. There are also fun movies and books you can get that discusses potty training. Who knows, you may be able to potty train him in a few more months...Good luck