• Our pediatrician suggested we begin taking our daughter to the doctor around her second birthday, and we are about to schedule her first appointment. What was your first experience taking your child to the dentist like? How did you choose your child's dentist?

  • Most insurance companies will only cover a dental visit if your child is over the age of 3. Also, many pediatric dentists feel that, at age 3, it is easier to give a check-up. Make sure you brush your child's teeth at least twice per day. In addition, some pediatric dentists use nitrous oxide gas when examining children, which can be harmful. Ask if the doctor uses this before scheduling an appointment.
  • Our family dentist said for us to wait until our son was 3 before we brought him in.  The most important thing to do is to brush their teeth daily until then.

  • our family dentist also said at least age 3 and to just keep up on teeth brushing. the older they are they easier it is for the dentist to look at their teeth.

  • I brought my kids in around 3 as well and they did just fine. I found a dentist that was experienced dealing with little kids. They even had a TV with videos above the dental chairs to help calm the kids! It was a good experience and my kids can't wait to go back!

  • We started Crispin a lil after his first birthday. He got his first toothbrush and it wasnt bad at all. He goes back this month and I hope it will be the same.