Repeating Words

  • My toddler is a little parrot. Whenever she hears a word that she thinks is interesting, she repeats it. This leads to both funny and kind of disconcerting moments. Funny when she comes out with a big word you wouldn’t think a little girl her size could say. Disconcerting when she says, “stupid” or “hate,” because she heard her sister use those words. Does your child do this? What do you do to discourage this type of behavior?

  • How old is your daughter?  My daughter is 2 1/2 and is doning the same thing.  They are like little sponges at this age and all we can do is try to watch what we say around her.  This is how they begin to increase their vocabulary.  This too shall pass......

  • Don't focus on the negative words, as this will only make her more curious and prone to repeating them. Make sure that she is not around people who use poor language and monitor her television. Explain to your older child that it is not nice to use bad words and that she should be a positive role model for her younger sister. If your toddler stops hearing bad words, then she will forget and will stop saying them. Your older child has to be reprimanded. It really is not the toddler's fault, as she is just simply repeating what she hears.