Television watching

  • With two kids in diapers, sometimes we have to rely on the television to occupy our older daughter. While this is not ideal, I have found that children's television programming has come a long way. What are your rules about TV watching and what are your (and your child's) favorite shows?

  • i dont really have a set rule my daughter is only 3 so there is not too much stuff for her age group that i dont agree with. she is not aloud to sit in front of a tv ALL day (considering her dad is a tv hog) its hard for us to do anyway. we are pretty busy and like to get out and about so she rarely has time for shows as it is. her favorite shows are dora, max and ruby, backyardigans. i love the noggin channel, the puzzle time and things they do in between shows are awesome. i can hear my daughter shouting out the answers at the tv. it puts my mind at ease when she is not just in a tv coma but interacting with whats on.

  • I only have a 20month old but maybe your older daughter can spend time playing mommy with the younger two (diapers, feeding, entertaining without tv?) Good luck

  • I have 4 children, so I don't have "firm" rules about the T.V....I just try to take it day by day. In general, I try to limit the T.V. to no more than 2 hours a day. This is fine for the younger two...and the older two have school, so they are usually gone a bit in the daytime. I try to stick to shows I have taped or movies that I know are good for them. This way I can eliminate the commercials which are NOT GOOD in my opinion. This helps a lot. We let the kids watch plenty of educational videos like Blue Planet and Walking with Dinosaurs..this way I feel like they are getting a little bit out of it instead of just pure entertainment.