1 year old cries when I walk away

  • my daughter just turned 1 a couple weeks ago - Everytime I get up to walk in another room she cries and crawls after me like I've abandoned her.  She has done this for months, and I don't know if it's gotten worse, but it has really been driving me nuts lately!  She can be playing or eating a snack on the floor, and if she sees me get more than 10ft away from her she throws a fit - and if I am holding her and set her down she almost instantly starts to cry when I turn to walk away. However, when I leave her with Grandma or whoever, she never cries when I leave.  She is a very socialable baby and has never thrown a fit handing her to someone else.  Its just something that goes on with me at home.  I am a stay -at -home mom by the way.  I am hoping this is something she will outgrow, but it seems like it has been going on for  a while now.  Somebody HELP!!!!

  • Your baby has separation anxiety, which usually begins at age 9 mons. She knows that if she cries, you will instantly pick her up. Let her start to soothe herself. Try holding her less and when you go into another room, talk loudly to her so that she is aware of your presence. It sounds to me like she just does not like to be alone. When she is with her grandma, she does not cry for you. Does she cry for you when you leave her with anyone else? She wants another person in the room with her because she wants to feel safe and protected. At age one, she is aware of your presence. Give her time. She will eventually outgrow this, but you need to be patient with her.

  • Your little one is simply spoiled and thats OK my son was the same way! I had to strap him into the baby carrier to do dishes laundry everything! At a year old I just couldn't do it any more so I desided to let him cry while I had to leave the room (no longer than one minute) and honestly at first I would cry while I did the dishes or loaded the washer or went to the bathroom. I just kept talking to him while i was in another room. I babysit a 8 month old who is the same way he doesnt cry when i leave he SCREAMS so at first I would come runing into the room thinking something was wrong. and he would start smiling at me and clapping (like he knew what was going to happend the whole time!) So Just stay strong and notice the difference between her feelings getting hurt and actual mom i need you somethings wrong crys and good luck!