potty training

  • Does anyone have any suggestions on what a good age is  to start potty training?  I know someone who started both of her boys around 14-15 mos.

  • Potty training is very different from child to child. I think the one thing that most parents recommend is to not pressure your child. Suggest to them to go to the potty, and perhaps set up a reward system for them. If they respond at 14 months, great, but most kids arent able to get it until after their second birthday and beyond.

  • I know this is alittle old but My son is almost 5 and we started potty training when he was about 3 and 1/2. He went number one fairly easily but number two was harder for him because i think it just freaked him out. But he didn't actually have a choice he had started daycare he was accidently put into the wrong class so he couldn't have pull-ups anymore when he was there. I ended up sending with several extra clothes and doing alot of laundry until he got the hang of it. We still used Huggies nite-time pull-ups until he learned to wake up in the night to go potty he has been 100% potty for probably just about a year now. I know people who have potty trained Early and then had problems because the child got bored with going to the potty and just go in whatever they were wearing, so we just waited. they do say that girls are more likely to potty train sooner then boys but not having a girl and a boy to compare i couldn't tell you. But i do have a 18mos old neice who is already showing interest in going to the potty on her potty seat.