Hi looking for some good advice

  • I have great little 20 month old and I am looking into feeding him toddler formulas with his regular whole milk. Also looking at cloth diapers. I have been checking out reviews and tryin to understand all the directions out there but the only diapers I've come to understand are gDiapers. Any advice or opinions on them is welcomed and appreciated. :) thanks


  • I have several of the cloth diapers and they are really nice. There are soo many great brands out there to choose from. Just make sure that you have ones that are soft and easy to use. I believe Kooshies is a good one and so are gdiapers. My advice is to just buy one or two of a particular brand and try it out to be sure that you like it and your 20 month old will wear it. My 2 year old will not wear them, he doesn't like it (not for any good reason...they are just different), but when he was younger it wasn't a big deal.