toddler food.

  • hi,I am Nasima.I have two wonderful kids a girl and a boy 14 months apart.My daughter is so picky in food.i don't understand what to feed her.she don't eat junk food al all.i give her boiled chicken,eggs.but she is not eat all at once. she drinks milk with bottle,i also wants she try milk in sippy cup.any idea... help..

  • Not sure what ages they are, but have them eat what you eat and if not, they don't eat. They will come around. Obviously, make sure that they are old enough to eat what you eat, but if they are old enough to feed themselves with a spoon or fork, it is important that you don't let their fussiness control your life!

  • Answer Dad is right...they will eat when they are hungry. Continue to offer them wholesome healthy foods and try to find different foods in the food groups that they like. Just because they won't eat apples, doesn't mean they won't love blueberries. You can also try to read them a few books on eating healthy etc...If they see you eating healthy, chances are....they will too. If you are concerned about their weights or health, talk to your doctor and see what she recommends.

  • Thank you so much for giving me such information. I am so happy with these answers.