18 month old screams all the time....HELP!!

  • My 18 month old has me at my wits end. He doesn't talk yet (although he understands EVERYTHING!), so he has resorted to screeching loudly to get his way. It is unbelievably loud and makes me and my husband crazy. I have tried correcting him, telling him the words for what he wants and even putting him in small time out.....NOTHING works. Someone help! What can I do to teach him NOT to scream to get his way? Do I simply have to wait for him to begin talking or is their something I can do now?


  • Because your son is having difficulty speaking, he is getting frusterated, which is causing the screaming and acting out. You need to bring him to the pediatrician for evaluation. Perhaps they can offer some advice or refer you for a hearing test and developmental evaluation. Be patient. Your child wants to speak to communicate with you, but he is just getting upset. Let us know how it works out!