Toddler Problems

  • Hello All! I need some advice, I have two children and babysit my little sister almost daily. My children are 5 years and 4 months old. I never had this problem with my oldest, My sister who is 2 takes her clothes off and gets into her diaper, pulling out poop and playing with it. My mother lives with us with her and when she gets home this is what she finds her child asleep covered in poo or handing it to her. I have never had to deal with this and need some tips. We discovered that onesies help but not to much, we change her and make sure she is dry befor we lay her down for bed but this has happened close to 5 times now. Please anything will help I'm sure!

  • Ah the joys of childhood.....first of all, you are absolutely right to be concerned. Playing with her poop is not healthy and can make her sick. Children at this age are very curious and will investigate anything. Her curiosity is normal, but you need to prevent her from playing with her poop. For starters, try dressing her in overalls or a onepiece outfit that she can not remove easily. Then make sure that she is dry and everything is fastened well before you put her down for a nap. If  she is mainly playing in her poop during naptime, then try putting some fun busy books in her bed or place a busy box on her crib so when she wakes up she is more likely to play with that, than with her diaper. Also, place a monitor in the room so you can hear what she is doing. You may have to check on her frequently to be sure she is staying out of trouble and out of her diaper. Talk to your pediatrician and voice your concerns as well...she may have more advice for you.