Changing bedtime routine

  • My twins are 16 mths old and was wondering at what age to start changing bedtime routine?  Currently they get a bath, brush teeth, and then hubby & I hold them while they drink milk.  When they are done they push the cup away and shortly after to bed.  I would like to change the routine to have the milk/snack before bath and add story time/cuddle time before they go to sleep.   When I change this routine how is the best way to do this?  I realize there may be some resistance at first since they are used to getting that milk right before going to bed.  Thanks for any help.

  • A perfect distraction would be to begin reading to them when you used to give bottle. I think if you replace the bottle with a positive distraction, your plans will become easier.

  • They might not resist as much as you think they will. I fretted over changing my oldest's bedtime routine but when I finally did it, he was absolutely fine with it. I think your idea to give them their milk before bathtime and story before bed is great...go with it!