• Bonding with your toddler is essential, especially for his or her growth and development. Placing toddlers in front of the TV all day will not educationally prepare or stimulate them, although it may seem like an easy cure for a cranky child. Getting and keeping a toddler’s attention is a challenge, but planning fun and educational activities is a great bonding experience and will nurture the mind. During my niece’s terrible twos, we found that even though sitting her in front of her favorite cartoons quieted her, we really were not interacting with her as much as we would like. We started planning fun activities, such as “Museum Day,” “A Day at the Zoo,” “Movie Day,” and “A Day at the Beach.” We would read her stories about kids who did these activities to prepare her. We took lots of pictures and started a scrapbook for her. She even loved riding the carousel at the mall, which we documented in photographs. What activities does your toddler enjoy?

  • Just like you said, any situation where we interact with our daughter is healthy. If it can incorporate learning or physical activity, even better. I think it's great that you are so organized, but we find fun things to do with very little planning at times, which our daughter loves.