• Most commercial juices contain too much sugar and artificial ingredients and have very little nutritional value. I recommend that parents puree fruit to ensure that they are getting the nutrition needed, minus the processed ingredients. Blending fruit and vegetables can produce great tasting, healthy smoothies that kids will love. Limiting juice and giving more water can keep your kids growing healthy.

  • I live on the planet of the sun known as Arizona...When it hits the 104's we buy fruit like crazy and make "popcicles" The kids have a blast watchin the fruit turn to liquid! We usualy let the kids pick the fruit and add a cup of unflavored pedialyte just to make sure that the kds electrolytes stay balanced!

  • Using pedialyte is a great idea for popcicles....thanks!!! My daughter is still to young for them (6 months) but I will have to remember this one!