Help! My 2 year old won't go to sleep!

  • My oldest 2 children never had trouble with bedtime. They always went to sleep immediately and with very little fussing. My third child; however, is a different story. He cries and screams when we put him to bed no matter what I do. Trouble is—he shares a room with my older two and I am afraid that he is keeping them up at night. Anyone have any success with a “bedtime screamer”?

  • My kids didn't share rooms, but we just kept the bedtime routine the same and my daughter just had to fuss it out until she realized it didn't get her anywhere.  Good luck I know how hard that is.

  • I've been told by my doctor (and also see it on Super Nanny) about having a set bedtime routine.  It is actually starting to work.  I put my little monster in the tub around 8 or 8:30.  When she gets out, we put her pj's on and clean her room, because she trashes it everyday.  Then I read a quick bed time story, 2 if she's been good.  From there she seems fine, but she does get up several times.  I put her back to bed with as little speaking as possible.  No yelling, no spanking.  She's looking for any kind of attention, good or bad.  The doc said it should kick in after about a week, but my little one is a little tougher.  Been doing it for 2 weeks now.  It's a slow and painful process, but you gotta stick to your guns.