Won't go to bed

  • My 3 year old daughter refuses to go to bed.  Everynight is the same fight.  We put her to bed, she gets up a hundred time.  She will even be up til midnight some times.  We can start the bedtime routine at 8 and still be fighting with her til 11.  We've tried to put her back to bed without saying a word, knowing that she's seeking attention, shutting the door which doesn't shut any more.  Taking away nap time.  She steals at least an hour out of my sleep time every night, which makes for a really cranky mommy.  I just don't know what to do to get her to sleep when it's time. 

  • Bedtime is a tricky thing for a 3 year old. One thing I found that works is to get a few "books on tape" for your child. I used to rent stories on CD from the library...one of the kids favorites is a CD of children's stories like Hansel and Gretel etc.. then play this when you put her to sleep. It may hold her attention just long enough for her to grow sleepy. I have also used classical music and a lava lamp to give them something soothing to look at while they are going to sleep.