My daughter want go to sleep.

  • My daughter won't go to sleep for a nap or bedtime without a screaming fit. No matter what I do it takes an hour to get her to sleep with lots of crying and yelling. I have tried to just sit there with her, to just leaving the room nothing works. I have even tried to lay her down earlier than the normal bedtime just to get her in a mellow mood. Nothing! Any help would be appriciated. We do live in a multi family home with others ,Her aunt and her children age 7, 15, 18 years of age, but they are good about no noise at night. Cassie did just get a new little brother ,now a month old, I wonder if that is why she is acting out. I do include her in when it comes to her brother she should not feel left out, I try to give the same attention as before. I want to cry after leaving the room. I will be going back to school next semester and I want to make it easier for my sister in law to put her down to sleep. I just don't know what else to do. 

  • Sleep troubles with your child can be so draining. There are a number of great books out there on the topic. If you Google "Get your child to sleep books", you will come up with a number of different books about the topic. A friend of mine went to the library and found several of them and got some helpful ideas. Good luck!

  • Bedtime can certainly be rough. How old is Cassie? One thing I found to be helpful was to follow a consistent bedtime routine. Every night at the same time we would do bathtime, then get into jammies, then give goodnight hugs and kisses and then we would read the same bedtime story. Although we didn't do the same routine at naptime, we did stick to a pretty tight schedule as far as keeping naptime at the same time every day.

  • She could be acting out. Think if this is something new, or has been going on since before the baby I have the same problem with mine, except she won't sleep in her own bed at nights. I've been reading a sleep book, and one of the tips in there is to keep a strict schedule, especially with bedtime. When you go to put your baby to sleep let her cry, start at five min, then to ten, to 15 and on up. You want the baby to go to sleep by herself. So when you check on her, don't pick her up, maybe pat her back a couple of times to let her know it's ok, but only stay in there for a couple of minutes and get your partner involved. Maybe trade off who goes in. Hope this works, the book says if you stick strictly to it, it may take about two weeks to fully do. Good luck to you and me!!!Wink

  • How is Cassie doing now? I hope things have calmed down a bit for you. Keep us updated!

  • Elizabeth Pantley has some great books on getting babies and toddlers to sleep.  Have you tried any of her "No Cry Sleep Solution" or "No Cry Nap Solution" books?

  • Nap time can be a "beast" of a problem for many parents. How is your daughter doing now? I am interested to know if things are any better!